Tips on Selecting Music for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

It's time to CELEBRATE... so it's time to call Marino Music!

Once you have a definite date for your wedding begin to research the music for both your wedding ceremony and reception. We suggest you book your music 6 months to one year in advance.

Have a general idea of the type of music you would like to have. If there is not going to be minimal dancing you might consider our jazz trio or quartet to play standards and some light variety music. If there will be a lot of dancing you should consider our variety dance band.

Do not be persuaded into hiring a larger band than you actually need. Your budget, the number of guests you are expecting and the type or style of music you would like will help us to determine the size of the band.

Make sure the band or bandleader you select has had a significant amount of experience in performing for weddings. Club bands rarely have the versatility to play to all ages or the variety of music that a successful wedding reception requires.

Most websites contain sound clips for your convenience. In listening, be sure the music sounds and feels good to your ears. Be cautious of artificially created sound clips.

When contacting a bandleader make sure you give all your contact information. It makes it much easier for us when we have your name, home/cell/work phone numbers as well as an e-mail address.

Always have a signed contract. Be sure that the contract states the exact wedding date, location, time of performance, when and how much of a deposit is required as well as the due date for the remaining balance.

If you have special song requests that the band needs to learn, make sure you inform the bandleader of these songs at least 3 months before your wedding date.

Inform the bandleader, since he or she will most likely be doing the announcing, of your preferences for the following:
  • Bridal party entrance
  • Bride and groom introduction
  • First dance and if you would like the bridal party and guests to join in
  • Special dances with parents
  • Special music for cutting the cake-usually your first dance
  • Throwing of the bouquet and garter
Make sure to re-contact the bandleader one-month prior to your wedding day in order to discuss any last minute details.

If you’ve made your preparations early and have confidence in the professionals you’ve hired, it’s time for you to relax and cherish the moment. Enjoy Your Special Day!

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